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Learn how to get unstuck and pick yourself back up

Resilience is our ability to adjust to change or recover from misfortune. We can see past our problems, handle stress better, and enjoy life more. Learn the power that yoga, breath, journaling, and mindfulness can have in creating a stronger, more resilient YOU!

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Why Build Resilience

There are so many times in life where you will feel knocked down...and every now and again you may feel like not getting up. When you have resilience, your inner strength helps you rebound from these setbacks. If you lack resilience, it becomes harder to rebound and you might dwell on the issues or find unhealthy coping mechanisms. Bolster your resilience through the practice of processing, and working with, your emotions. By focusing on the areas that offer positive reinforcement, you allow resilience to grow. 

Strong On All Sides

I combine various styles of yoga,  breathwork, journaling and mindfulness to help you tap into the various facets of resilience. Let's work through some sh*t and move forward stronger than will become Strong On All Sides.

This course includes:

Become Strong On All Sides

  • Workbook

    This 50+ page workbook includes what you need to process your thoughts and feelings in order to grow and become stronger.

  • 10 yoga videos

    This library includes a variety of classes because the various aspects of resilience require different methods to grow.

  • Bonuses

    I've added bonus meditations so you can choose how you want to practice those themes. You'll also receive 3 additional bonuses - see below for more info on these.

Course curriculum

Strong On All Sides

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    • Welcome!

  • 03

    Day 2: Tap Into Inner Strength

    • Day 2: Tap Into Inner Strength

    • Day 2: Vinyasa Flow to tap into inner strength

    • Day 2: Journal Prompt

    • Day 2: BONUS: Journal Prompt - Quote

  • 04

    Day 3: Move Through Difficult Feelings

    • Day 3: Move Through Difficult Feelings

    • Day 3: Journal Prompt

    • Day 3: BONUS: Journal Prompt - Quote

  • 05

    Day 4: Wisdom Through Experience

    • Day 4: Vinyasa Flow to find wisdom through experience

    • Day 4: BONUS: Journal Prompt - Quote

  • 06

    Day 5: Calm Within

    • Day 5: Restorative yoga to create calm within

  • 07

    Day 6: Speak Mindfully

    • Day 6: Yoga + Breathwork so you can speak mindfully

  • 08

    Day 7: Joy In Everyday

    • Day 7: Vinyasa Flow for gratitude

    • Day 7: BONUS: Gratitude Meditation

  • 09

    Day 8: Self-Compassion

    • Day 8: Yoga + Meditation for self-compassion

  • 10

    Day 9: Embrace Change

    • Day 9: Yin + Gravity Yoga to embrace change

  • 11

    Strong on all sides

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Start building resilience today

Get unstuck and pick yourself back up

Vicky Cleary

Meet Your Resilience Guide

I am an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor and a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1), as well as a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). For me, Yoga is both a physical and a mental practice that I use to keep my body and mind fit and flexible. Yoga offers a physical challenge with strength, flexibility and balance; a mental challenge to stay present and focused, and ways to be a better version of yourself every day. I discovered firsthand the emotional release and positive effect Yoga can have on a person – and, how finding balance in all aspects of life allows for more clarity and energy. This is what led me to be a Healthy Lifestyle Coach. I offer vinyasa-style yoga in-studio and online. You can also find a variety of classes on my YouTube channel (Uplift Yoga and Fitness). I offer Healthy Lifestyle Coaching online for anyone who wants to find their healthiest self.

Vicky Cleary

Healthy Lifestyle Coach


  • What do you get with this course?

    You will receive 10 main classes: 4 vinyasa yoga classes, 2 yoga + breathwork classes, 2 yin yoga classes, 1 restorative class, 1 meditation class. There may be a few bonus meditation classes as well :) Plus, you get a PDF workbook, which you can download and print. This workbook includes some of the course information, journal prompts, bonus resilience-building activities and beautiftul quote pages you can post wherever you want to see them.

  • I am new to yoga, can I take this course?

    Absolutely. The yoga in each class is meant for all levels. If you are not comfortable doing something, you are welcome to skip it...stepping outside of your comfort zone can help you grow, but you can take baby steps.

  • Do I have to complete this course in 10 days?

    Of course not. Once you purchase the course, it is yours forever. You may choose to complete it in 10 days, and then repeat it. Or, extend it to focus on one theme each week. The choice is yours.

What people say about UPLIFT yoga + fitness, LLC

“Vicky is very knowledgeable about health and fitness. She has a passion to help people feel their best. Whether you’re looking for guidance on essential oils, yoga and fitness or making healthy eating choices, Vicky with Uplift Yoga + Fitness is a great resource.”

Laura M.

“All this sitting has resulted in low back pain AND I seem to have tweaked a weird inner hip area to the point where the pain was taking my breath away. Vicky used her expertise in anatomy and movement to provide movements that instantly brought relief and are slowly bringing me back to freedom from pain. I am grateful!”

Jennifer S.

“Vicky's enthusiasm for yoga motivates her students and enables them to stretch and grow -- both literally and metaphorically! Nearly everyone I know would benefit from adding a yoga practice to their lives and Vicky makes it accessible to all.”

Suzanna M.

“Yoga was really intimidating for me and I'm not very flexible. I've been working with vicky for 3 years and it has made a difference in my flexibility and recovery from exercise, as well as my breathing and posture. I really appreciate that she takes the time to explain how to make it easier or how to challenge yourself. ”

Kelly B.

“I’m so grateful for our weekly yoga classes and your positivity & encouragement. I’m also loving your YouTube channel for a little extra work outside of our Wednesday sessions. It’s great to have different options for my mood and the amount of time I have to dedicate to my practice.”

Staci K.

Become Strong On All Sides

Learn how to get unstuck and pick yourself back up

In less than two weeks you can feel more capable of responding to, and reducing stress. Join me in discovering how yoga, breathwork, journaling, and mindfulness can have in creating a stronger, more resilient YOU!

Bonus material

Build your resilience even more by updating your healthy habits

  • Body Positivity Guide

    When you feel comfortable in your own skin, EVERYTHING in your life is better. Learn my 5-step process for improving self-esteem with powerful action items and challenges to guide you through your own exploration.

  • Master Self Love with Journaling

    With journaling in your daily routine you gain clarity of mind, relieve anxiety and stress, and even improve your physical health. Learn how to add journaling to your daily routine so you can begin reaping the benefits today.

  • 21-day Learn to Meditate Challenge

    Bring peace and calm to your life with mindfulness and meditation. This program gets you started with daily prompts and mindfulness checks.

Become Strong On All Sides

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